Tuition & Fees

Early Registration Tuition and Fees

Regular Enrollment First Semester All Remaining Semesters Family Discount
Student Application Fee $25 $25 $25
Tuition & Fees $132
($90 Tuition + $42 1st time enrollment fee)
$90 $45
Total Regular Tuition & Fees $157 $115 $70

Late Enrollment First Semester All Remaining Semesters Family Discount
U.S LATE Enrollment Total (Includes U.S. $28 Late Fee) $187 $145 $100
International LATE Enrollment Total (Includes $60 International Late Fee) $217 $175 $130
New students must be registered by November 15 (for spring semester) or July 1 (for fall semester) to avoid the late enrollment fee and to guarantee your textbooks will arrive for the first night of class.

Returning students must re-enroll by the end of the enrollment month of March (for Fall) or October (for Spring) to avoid the late enrollment fee.
* All Fees for Diploma and Audit Students are Identical. 
Payment Plan * Tuition may be paid in monthly installments.
The Application Fee is due with the Application, however, tuition is not due until classes begin. Students may either pay the entire amount the first class or make monthly payments Week 1,4, & 8. Complete Payment plans will be sent with course materials.

Elective Tuition and Fees

(Note: A church does not have to offer the three-year FBI program in order to offer an elective.

Elective Costs

Elective Single
(Total Cost)
Family Members
(Total Cost)
The Doctrine of Angels $40 $30
Scientific & Biblical Creation $60 $40
Scientific Creationism II $75 $50
Personal Evangelism $40 $30
The Doctrine of Bible Prophecy $50 $35
Biblical Leadership $40 $30
Biblical Worldview 1 $50 $40
Biblical Worldview 2 $60 $60
Biblical Worldview 3 $60 $60
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus $60 $60
Biblical Archaeology 1 $60 $60


Each student will need access to a KJV Bible for reading the homework assignments. New primary students are given a Willmington's Guide to the Bible (WGB) and every student is given a workbook for each course in which they enroll. Over 3,000 pages of textbooks are given to students at no extra cost.
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